Wednesday 15 May 2019

All statements of Modi are all factually right. Here is the proof :

All statements of Modi are all factually right. Here is the proof :-

  1. ERNET - Wikipedia internet came into India in 1986 by govt efforts DOE etc and catered to educational institutions and research only. So if someone says internet came in India only in 1995 by VSNL is totally wrong.
  2. 41 Years of Email: The Story of Email in India Please glance at this link which clearly says first dial up link between IIT Bombay and NCST was established in 1986, although Tomlinson's e-mail model was in use since 1971 across the world, also please read from the pioneer Mr Ramani how internet in it's primitive form was in vogue in India much before 1988:-The story of how the Internet came to India: An insider's account
  3. Digital camera although invented in 1975 Japanese company Nikon introduced the digital DSLR camera in the market in 1986 on a commercial scale. (Digital camera - Wikipedia) Those days people who used to go to foreign countries used to bring watches, cameras, TVs, Tape recorders, digital audio video players in plenty even by paying customs duty. So is it not possible for some friend of Modi who had gone to foreign countries can't gift one digital camera to Modi ??? Or we as Indians taken a oath not to use any imported cameras or any other imported instruments ??? I used to buy all kind of imported tape recorders, watches, lighters, fro hawkers of D. N. Road of Bombay (road leading from V.T Railway station to Flora Fountain Hutatma Chowk) in eighties and take it to friends relatives at cost in home towns. So if someone was ready to pay the prices even digital camera probably would have been available. And some business men had a regular flying to Singapore Hong Kong to get these imported gadgets and sell them at exorbitant prices regularly. So getting any imported cameras in 1988 was not at all a difficult thing not only for Modi but even for a common man.
  4. Clouds and rains attenuating the Radar signals : Request please glance at this link : Radar Performance In Rain which clearly confirms the Radar's Radio frequency energy towards the intended target as well as reflected Radio frequency energy from the target both get attenuated leading to detection losses. (Here's a tech fact: Radars may detect objects through clouds, but they are more effective when skies are clear - Firstpost) …Likewise there are dozens of such research papers on effect of Radar signals and resulting in onward signal as well as the returning reflected signal getting attenuated in rains and clouds .
  5. My own experience as an HAM Radio amateur operator I have observed my signals were getting attenuated inspite of my pumping high RF Energy in rainy seasons and I was finding it difficult to communicate even within India; Whereas I was easily communicating to erstwhile USSR, all European countries easily during summers .
  6. Somebody from Orissa burecracy can check and confirm that in 1999 cyclone attack on Orissa coast the then Chief Minister J B Patnaik was marooned in his bungalow for over 3 days, and even his satellite phone was not working. This further proves the Attenuation of even satellite signals in heavy rains (in addition to reasearch papers on internet) .
  7. Request please glance at this link : Indian campaign of Alexander the Great - Wikipedia. This Wikipedia link clearly confirms troops of Alexander retreated from Ganges plains afraid to face very strong Magadh army. It is tantamount to admission of defeat by Alexander. Magadh is a part of Bihar. (Magadh division - Wikipedia)
  8. So whatever Modi has said is all 100% right and correct. He is the fittest person to be the PM.
  9. Now can someone tell where Modi has uttered anything wrong ???