Wednesday 15 May 2019

All statements of Modi are all factually right. Here is the proof :

All statements of Modi are all factually right. Here is the proof :-

  1. ERNET - Wikipedia internet came into India in 1986 by govt efforts DOE etc and catered to educational institutions and research only. So if someone says internet came in India only in 1995 by VSNL is totally wrong.
  2. 41 Years of Email: The Story of Email in India Please glance at this link which clearly says first dial up link between IIT Bombay and NCST was established in 1986, although Tomlinson's e-mail model was in use since 1971 across the world, also please read from the pioneer Mr Ramani how internet in it's primitive form was in vogue in India much before 1988:-The story of how the Internet came to India: An insider's account
  3. Digital camera although invented in 1975 Japanese company Nikon introduced the digital DSLR camera in the market in 1986 on a commercial scale. (Digital camera - Wikipedia) Those days people who used to go to foreign countries used to bring watches, cameras, TVs, Tape recorders, digital audio video players in plenty even by paying customs duty. So is it not possible for some friend of Modi who had gone to foreign countries can't gift one digital camera to Modi ??? Or we as Indians taken a oath not to use any imported cameras or any other imported instruments ??? I used to buy all kind of imported tape recorders, watches, lighters, fro hawkers of D. N. Road of Bombay (road leading from V.T Railway station to Flora Fountain Hutatma Chowk) in eighties and take it to friends relatives at cost in home towns. So if someone was ready to pay the prices even digital camera probably would have been available. And some business men had a regular flying to Singapore Hong Kong to get these imported gadgets and sell them at exorbitant prices regularly. So getting any imported cameras in 1988 was not at all a difficult thing not only for Modi but even for a common man.
  4. Clouds and rains attenuating the Radar signals : Request please glance at this link : Radar Performance In Rain which clearly confirms the Radar's Radio frequency energy towards the intended target as well as reflected Radio frequency energy from the target both get attenuated leading to detection losses. (Here's a tech fact: Radars may detect objects through clouds, but they are more effective when skies are clear - Firstpost) …Likewise there are dozens of such research papers on effect of Radar signals and resulting in onward signal as well as the returning reflected signal getting attenuated in rains and clouds .
  5. My own experience as an HAM Radio amateur operator I have observed my signals were getting attenuated inspite of my pumping high RF Energy in rainy seasons and I was finding it difficult to communicate even within India; Whereas I was easily communicating to erstwhile USSR, all European countries easily during summers .
  6. Somebody from Orissa burecracy can check and confirm that in 1999 cyclone attack on Orissa coast the then Chief Minister J B Patnaik was marooned in his bungalow for over 3 days, and even his satellite phone was not working. This further proves the Attenuation of even satellite signals in heavy rains (in addition to reasearch papers on internet) .
  7. Request please glance at this link : Indian campaign of Alexander the Great - Wikipedia. This Wikipedia link clearly confirms troops of Alexander retreated from Ganges plains afraid to face very strong Magadh army. It is tantamount to admission of defeat by Alexander. Magadh is a part of Bihar. (Magadh division - Wikipedia)
  8. So whatever Modi has said is all 100% right and correct. He is the fittest person to be the PM.
  9. Now can someone tell where Modi has uttered anything wrong ???

Friday 22 January 2016

Interpersonal Conflicts: Best Tips to Solve issues between wife and Mother

Best Tips to Solve issues between wife and Mother

During the research - conducted over two decades - women accused their mothers-in-law of showing unreasonably jealous love towards their sons.

In turn, mothers-in-law complained that they were excluded from their sons' lives by their wives

Both the mother and the wife are struggling to achieve the same position in the family - primary woman. Each tries to establish or protect their status. Each feels threatened by the other.'

A Still from Marathi TV Serial Nanda Saukhya Bhare

Sunday 7 July 2013

Share Tips in Nse Market

Share Tips in Nse Market

Some of the Share tips providing companies are

Saturday 9 March 2013

‘Padding up with Sachin’ for Fathers by Aviva

Learn Straight Drive From
Master Blaster Sachin Tendular

Let your Child Learn Batting Technics from Sachin Tendulkar

Mumbai/ Delhi, March 9, 2013: Aviva’s brand strategy, based on the father-child relationship, highlights the importance of a father’s role as a protector in his child’s life, whether financial, physical or emotional. With an objective to help young fathers realize the importance of financial planning for their children’s secure future, Aviva India unveiled its social media strategy today based on creating and feeding engaging content in the social media channels. The core of the content onion will focus on protection related content drawing analogies from cricket; the next levels will cover content on financial literacy, products and parenting for young fathers. This will be supported by a robust digital advertising campaign to promote content to our target audience – young parents in the age-group of 28-44 years. Aviva is already among the top players for its online protection plans and with this launch, they expect to further consolidate their position in this category.

Tutorials on cricketing by the Little Master

Through the new campaign – ‘Padding up with Sachin’ and ‘Sachin Off Guard’, launched today, Aviva aims to further strengthen its association with fatherhood and protection. These are a series of webisodes on cricket tutorials and interviews on importance of protection by Aviva’s Brand Ambassador and the Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar. For the first time ever, netizens will have access to innovative, inspirational and conversation like tutorials on cricketing by the Little Master himself.  With 73% of audience on social networking sites consuming video/ entertainment on the site, Aviva sees an increase of three fold in its engagement scores in its social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube leading to higher awareness on Aviva’s offerings.  Aviva is shortly releasing its ‘Product Center’ and a series of engaging product related videos on Facebook to further enhance the same.

Speaking on the occasion, Rishi Piparaiya, Director Marketing and Bancassurance, Aviva India, said, “Our vision on social media is to build a community of financially aware young parents and to achieve this, we see a significant role for both entertaining content for parents as well as infotainment around financial planning and Aviva’s products as key pillars. In the ‘Padding up with Sachin’ series, each webisode starts with Sachin reminding the viewers about the importance of protection.”

Aviva’s Brand Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar said, “Cricket is my passion and I am delighted to partner with Aviva to launch the 'Padding up with Sachin' tutorials. These webisodes which showcase my successful moves on the pitch, will give fathers a chance to view and coach their children. The links to these videos will also be available on my Facebook page as well and I invite all to view and share the same".

Adding further, Rishi Piparaiya, Director Marketing and Bancassurance, Aviva India, said, “In an age where the internet is about content consumption and engagement, pure play product messaging only disrupts the consumer’s natural web behaviour. This is where we believe that we have bucked the trend by using content creation, rather than content disruption, as an approach. Testimony to this is the fact that we have crossed 1 lakh likes on our Facebook page in a short span and achieved a high engagement score on Twitter.

We believe that content will be key to scaling up and making Aviva the ‘buzziest’ life insurance brand online among their core target audience in this digital era. Marketing is fairly incomplete without digital media and social media, the key difference that social media brings to the table is that it allows you to have conversations with your customers unlike any other medium. It’s far more engaging and possibly the best way to reach your customer, in this day and age.”

Market Research by a leading kid’s channel highlights that Sachin Tendulkar is the leading sports icon for both boys and girls and cricket is among the most popular sports in India. Hence through the Padding up with Sachin series, Aviva seeks to provide a unique opportunity for fathers to train and engage with their kids. The first webisode to be released in the series is on Sachin’s signature shot – Straight Drive. ( The next series to be unveiled shortly will be on his other signature moves like Cover Drive, Pull Shot and Square Cut and will be released basis audience poll through contests in social media.

Friday 1 March 2013



Next General Elections will be held in 2014, When people vote for Politician in their constituency, they should also have option to select whether they need liquor shops/ Bars in there ward or not.

Many Road Accidents do happen because of liquor drinking by drivers, also rapes are mostly done by people who are drunk. We do see many unhappy homes in India because of a person in that home consumes liquor.

We want the new Govt to ban liquor in India when its come to power in Next General Elections. 

If you want to share your views on banning liquor and smoking in india please email you veiws to we will happy to promote on this blog

Budget 2013 - Proposal of New Bank for Women


Govt has Given lot of benefits to women in india. It has Announce a public sector bank with initial capital of 1000 crore which will be managed by women, and will lend more to women.  

We think that Govt should have directed all public sector banks to lend more to women, and this govt controlled bank would have granted loans to women.

Rbi could have come with this rules 

1) 50% of total loan amount every year should be given to women.
2) 50% of jobs in the bank should be given to women. 

This could solved this issue of granting credit to women.

Govt could have allotted this 1000 crore only for lending to women. Now setting of a new bank, creating branches all over india, appointing employees will required money. If existing infrastructure would have used to lend women directly or even to employ women in this bank would have been great. 

I also think that if more womens are employed in the banks, this will bring down corruption in the bank industry. Dhfl an existing private company providing home loans has a a Dhfl branch in Virar, managed by only women employees. 

We will be happy if finance minister cancels his plan to create a new bank and use the money he has planned to give credit to womens in India.

This are Personal view of the Author - Mr. Amol Dalvi.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

About Maharashtra Politics and Maharashtra Assembly Elections

Who will win Maharashtra Assembly Elections ?

Maharashtra Assembly elections will depend on following factors
1) Tie up of Congress i and NCP
2) Tie up of Bjp and Shivsena with seat sharing with MNS

If both shivsena and Mns want to win maximum seats they will have to make some arrangements.

Recent Successful Rallies of Raj across Maharashtra are showing that he will be person to be king or a king maker when election results will be declared.

The Recent Mns spat with Ncp says all that Mns president Raj Thakeray has started his campaign with a bang. His opening of his office in ahmedanagar say that he is determined to focus on expansion of his party in all parts of Maharashtra.

Marathi's would have happy if both this Thackeray cousins would have come together and rule Maharashtra. But the questions remains who will be no 1 and who will be no 2.

As a marathi i think Uddhav should take role has a national leader of shiv-sena and concentrate on expanding sena outside Maharashtra. His moderate look is good for a national level, he get take up the hindutava agenda too and expand his base in up and bihar.

Raj has marked his boundaries by naming his organization as maharashtra navnirman sena. He should take charged of Maharashtra and lead from front. If this arrangement of Uddhav taking a wider national role and Raj taking a local role works it would bring good new for all people in Maharashtra.

We will see in coming months.... what happens in the future... that will shape future of Maharastrians and India.