Friday 1 March 2013

Budget 2013 - Proposal of New Bank for Women


Govt has Given lot of benefits to women in india. It has Announce a public sector bank with initial capital of 1000 crore which will be managed by women, and will lend more to women.  

We think that Govt should have directed all public sector banks to lend more to women, and this govt controlled bank would have granted loans to women.

Rbi could have come with this rules 

1) 50% of total loan amount every year should be given to women.
2) 50% of jobs in the bank should be given to women. 

This could solved this issue of granting credit to women.

Govt could have allotted this 1000 crore only for lending to women. Now setting of a new bank, creating branches all over india, appointing employees will required money. If existing infrastructure would have used to lend women directly or even to employ women in this bank would have been great. 

I also think that if more womens are employed in the banks, this will bring down corruption in the bank industry. Dhfl an existing private company providing home loans has a a Dhfl branch in Virar, managed by only women employees. 

We will be happy if finance minister cancels his plan to create a new bank and use the money he has planned to give credit to womens in India.

This are Personal view of the Author - Mr. Amol Dalvi.

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