Wednesday 27 February 2013

About Maharashtra Politics and Maharashtra Assembly Elections

Who will win Maharashtra Assembly Elections ?

Maharashtra Assembly elections will depend on following factors
1) Tie up of Congress i and NCP
2) Tie up of Bjp and Shivsena with seat sharing with MNS

If both shivsena and Mns want to win maximum seats they will have to make some arrangements.

Recent Successful Rallies of Raj across Maharashtra are showing that he will be person to be king or a king maker when election results will be declared.

The Recent Mns spat with Ncp says all that Mns president Raj Thakeray has started his campaign with a bang. His opening of his office in ahmedanagar say that he is determined to focus on expansion of his party in all parts of Maharashtra.

Marathi's would have happy if both this Thackeray cousins would have come together and rule Maharashtra. But the questions remains who will be no 1 and who will be no 2.

As a marathi i think Uddhav should take role has a national leader of shiv-sena and concentrate on expanding sena outside Maharashtra. His moderate look is good for a national level, he get take up the hindutava agenda too and expand his base in up and bihar.

Raj has marked his boundaries by naming his organization as maharashtra navnirman sena. He should take charged of Maharashtra and lead from front. If this arrangement of Uddhav taking a wider national role and Raj taking a local role works it would bring good new for all people in Maharashtra.

We will see in coming months.... what happens in the future... that will shape future of Maharastrians and India.

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